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Retro Lodge KEIGETSU

KEIGETSU is located on Sagamihara, Kanagawa. Since 1969, the lodge has preserved the pleasant atmosphere of back then. Recent use are for various camping and lodging purpose, like training camp for rowers and college seminars.

Training Camp for Rowers

Keigetsu is located only 100 meters from Lake Sagami.

rowing course, the closest lodge from the course. In the rowing course, rental is available for 1X,2X,4X+,4+, and 8+. The boat could be carried in, and be kept at.

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Lodging for Seminars

Recommended for seminar lodging, and induction course for companies

Building right across is lake Sagami-ko Exchange Center. Building offers wide variety of usage with lecture room, musical lesson room, and multipurpose gallery. Could enjoy a little break with boats and hikes in lake Sagami, or come by at a resort "Pleasure Forest".

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Hiking・Natural Walk

Take a step out the city, and enjoy hikes.

The lodge takes its place surrounded by the beautiful natural environment, like Mt.Arashiyama and Mt.Sekirousan.

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open: Check in P.M. 3:00 Check out A.M. 10:00

983 Yose midori-ku Sagamihara Kanagawa 252-0171 JAPAN

close: open year round Parking lot: 15 units